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Behavioural Spillover: Carbon-Reduction and the Home-Work Relationship

21 March 2017 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
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Although the focus for most behaviour change initiatives has been on domestic consumption, attention has been paid more recently to the workplace and the actions of employees

In particular a recent trend in the research literature has been a growing emphasis on the role of spillover – the spillover of behaviours from one domain to another (e.g., reducing energy consumption and reducing waste) or from one setting to another (e.g., work to home, and home to work).

This presentation will focus on the second of these and critically look at the opportunities and constraints on the spillover of good environmental practices between home and work, drawing on research recently completed for the European Union on spillover.

This research, amongst employees in a major transnational corporation, found that even where there was encouragement by management for employees to ‘take the environmental message home’, this was fraught with problems.

Moreover, bringing good environmental practices into the workplace was often hampered by organisational structures and barriers, particularly at the middle-management level.

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Speaker - Professor David Uzzell

David Uzzell is Professor of Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey. He was the first psychologist in the UK to discuss behaviour change in the context of the then emerging issue of climate change, at the first ESRC seminar on this subject in 1990.

He is a member of the BPS Behaviour Change Advisory Group and has conducted research on behaviour change and the environment for local, national and international governments.

Most recently he has been undertaking research focusing on the policies and practices of national and international trade unions, and workers in moving towards to ‘just transition’ to a low carbon economy.

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