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Exeter Psychology in the Pub: The Interpreting World…Constructing our own reality: an experiential session

27 September 2017 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm
This event is free and open to everyone. No registration required.
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With Dr Barry Cripps.

Traditional ways of assessing people in industry, education, career and personal development often involve self-report questionnaires, interview, inspection of CV, references and so on. One of the most applied techniques is the psychometric test of personality.

Analysis of results allows the assessment panel to compare people with respect of surface traits of say extraversion, stability, empathy and so on. However, in order to conduct a deeper, understanding of a person another technique using Personal Construct Psychology, is often employed.

George Kelly (1905-67), after an extensive career in psychotherapy, attempted to find a way of extracting and analysing the moment-by-moment systems of concepts that individual people were using in their every day thinking and the management of their cognitive processing and subsequent actions.

His major work The Psychology of Personal Constructs must, according to Rom Harre (2006 Key Thinkers in Psychology)“ be one of the most important ‘unread’ books in the history of the subject. It is a treasure house of sophisticated observations on the philosophy of science, as well as a subtle and carefully delineated presentation of a ‘new psychology of the person’”.

His methodology for the exploration of the cognitive repertoires of individual persons is called the Repertory Grid. This session will provide an opportunity, should you so wish, completely confidential of course, to complete your own Repertory Grid and examine in terms of Kelly’s Personal Construct Psychology, how you may construct your own personal reality.

This talk will be from 6.15pm followed by a Q&A session

This event is free and open to everyone.

There is no need to book so please just turn up on the night.

St Olaves Hotel,
18-22 Mary Arches St,

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