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Guernsey Hub: Psychology in the Pub: If you don't read minds, what do you do?

30 November 2016 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
This event is free and open to everyone. No registration is required.
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This event will comprise of four speakers giving a short talk on the following areas:

Nigel Humphrey – Nigel is a clinical psychologist and is also trained in trauma therapy (EMDR) and neurodevelopmental assessments. He is currently the CAMHS Intensive Outreach Service Lead in Guernsey, which is responsible for crisis intervention and working with young people in the community.

He will be giving a brief overview on the impact of historical trauma on current functioning and how the clinical practice of psychology aids recovery. There can be a common misconception that psychology is mainly about therapy (or mind-reading!) and it is important to note how the other core competencies of psychology, namely assessment, formulation, research and teaching contributes to effective practice.

Dr Tim Mahy - Tim is a health psychologist working independently in Guernsey.  Tim works alongside the Medical Specialist Group, as well as with one of the island’s biggest employers, to deliver psychological interventions to people with physical and psychological health concerns.  Tim uses a variety of approaches, understanding that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ method.

He will be giving a brief talk on how language impacts our perception of the thoughts that our mind gives us throughout our lives.  He’ll strive to talk as little as possible, delivering experiential exercises that you can use when your mind is giving you stick.  Our minds are often our worst enemies; our harshest critics.  Struggling with our thoughts is often one of the challenges in life, exacerbating the problems we experience.  With some simple skills, we can stop this struggle.

Dr Adrian Datta - Adrian is a consultant clinical psychologist and has a long standing interest in attachment research and its therapeutic applications. He currently works in Guernsey in child protection providing assessment, therapy, and consultation.

He will speak on the topic “Have you heard the one about the psychologist who went into the pub?”

Dr Charlotte Friel – Charlotte is an educational psychologist working in educational settings across the island, providing consultation, assessments and sessions with children/young people. She specialises in working with students with social, emotional and mental health needs.

She will be talking about how learning relates to a fried egg! 

Thomas de la Rue Restaurant
The Pollet
St. Peter Port

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