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Kiss Insomnia Goodnight and Goodbye: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Insomnia (ACT-I) Workshop

03 May 2017 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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The workshop will involve a mixture of both discussion and experiential practice of using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches for the non-drug treatment of chronic insomnia including acceptance, mindfulness, defusion, self in context, values and committed action.

Additional factors to be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Introduction to insomnia including common risk factors, triggers and amplifying behaviours
  • Insomnia assessment - ISI, PSQI, sleep diaries, AAQ
  • Sleep physiology - cycles, stages, timing and drive
  • Differences between ACT-I and CBT-I
  • Typical patterns of experiential avoidance and how they fuel chronic insomnia
  • The role of acceptance in managing avoidance
  • Why thought and emotion blocking and distraction techniques don't work
  • How cognitive defusion can help to change the function of thoughts and emotions
  • How regular mindfulness practice can help to overcome insomnia
  • Why it is common for people to stop living their lives in the face of insomnia
  • How identifying and acting upon values can plays an important role in overcoming insomnia.
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Learning Objectives

  • Clear understanding of the differences between CBT-I and ACT-I
  • A new approach for managing chronic insomnia
  • A set of helpful tools to take away and use with insomniac patients


13:00 Introduction to ACT for Insomnia
14:00 Discussion, learning, and experiential practice
17:00 Close

Details of pricing, etc, can be found on the event booking page.


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