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Mirrors in reflective practice: The use of self in clinical psychology

31 March 2017 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Join fellow pre- and in-training peers, qualified clinicians, and experts by experience at the 2017 DCP PQG Annual Conference.

Previous events have considered how clinical psychology can address concerns out there in society, through adopting both critical and community approaches to our work.

This year, the Pre-Qualification Group invites delegates to refocus on the self in clinical psychology, through the exploration of different ways to develop reflective skills.

Delegates will be invited to learn about how different theoretical approaches may offer unique and interesting ways to improve clinical practice. This may be through developing a greater sense of knowing oneself and how this could be useful in delivering and improving mental health services, such as relational-reflexivity in family therapy and personal reformulation in Cognitive Analytic Therapy. Delegates will also have the opportunity to consider the role of colleagues and their personal responses to clients through consideration of team formulation approaches.

This conference aims to open up dialogues among future Clinical Psychologists and our service users. Delegates will be invited to submit ‘self-formulation’ posters as opposed to the traditional academic and research based poster. These posters are proposed in part as an attempt to break down mental health stigma within the profession and to model an accepting stance towards vulnerability and disclosures of human distress. It is hoped that this will encourage a non-judgemental, supportive culture which perceives lived experience as nourishing and formative.

The Pre-Qualification Group aim to enable attendees to participate in making their own small, yet potentially brave, steps towards breaking the stigma of experiencing mental health difficulties through challenging conventional practices of non-disclosure or silence from those who could and should be most accepting of personal and relational challenges.

Who is the event for?

The day is suited for individuals in pre-training roles (Assistant Psychologists, Research Assistants, Support Workers, Undergraduates, Postgraduates etc.) and those currently in-training (Trainee Clinical Psychologists).

The day is also well suited for service-users and experts-by-experience who wish to engage with future clinical psychologists. Individuals recently qualified may also find the day stimulating, along with established and practising psychologists.

Armada House
Telephone Ave

Event Location: 

Poster submissions are no longer being accepted for the PQG Annual Conference 2017.

Submissions were accepted until 23:59 12th March 2017.

09:00 Registration
12:00 Lunch
18:00 Conferences closes

  • To consider one's personal and professional development
  • To develop skills in reflective practice that can enable exploration of personal and professional identities
  • To consider the use of self-formulation and/or self-reflexivity in clinical supervision and training
  • To network and share personal accounts of resourcefulness, resilience and selfcare strategies not only as clinical psychologists, but as people with multiple identities
  • To explore the role of stigma within the profession, tackling fears around the implicationsof disclosure, and opening up a dialogue that can deconstruct an “us and them” mentality



Concessionary Members £20.00
DCP Members £25.00
BPS Members £45.00



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