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Post-Graduate Discussion Group

20 June 2017 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm
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Presentations from

Zaffie Cox PhD. student,University of Kent.
Can eight-minute mindfulness and meditation practice sessions improve your state of alertness and executive control?

Vanessa Dias PhD. student, BSc Psychological Sciences (University of Lisbon), MSc Social and Organisational Psychology (ISCTE-IUL)
Mindfulness Reduces Age Bias in a Recruitment and Selection Task​

Questions, discussion of issues and ideas will follow accompanied by refreshments.

Could there be a better opportunity to amend your state of alertness and 'up your game'?

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The London and Home Counties’ Branch of the British Psychological Society is pleased to bring you opportunities to hear speakers on different topics. The views expressed by the speakers are not necessarily the views of the Society or Branch.

BPS London Office,
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Mindfulness Reduces Age Bias in a Recruitment and Selection Task​
Vanessa Dias PhD. student, BSc Psychological Sciences (University of Lisbon), MSc Social and Organisational Psychology (ISCTE-IUL)

Based on social psychological and intergroup theories of prejudice, my PhD research aims to investigate the mechanisms by which age stereotypes impact on organizational procedures, such as recruitment, advertising and hiring decisions. It investigates cognitive interventions such as mindfulness, to reduce ageism and age stereotyping processes during these procedures. I am also interested in perceived age-diversity at work. My research investigates the psychological and organisational consequences of perceived age-diversity and how to improve measures of such perceptions. My research is supported by the Eastern ARC Quantitative Social Sciences PhD scholarship. The Eastern ARC aims to bring together researches across three UK institutions – the University of Essex, the University of East Anglia and the University of Kent.

In recruitment and selection (R&S) there is a tendency to favour younger over older candidates. This could be because these processes rely on people’s perception of reality, which can be biased by automatic cognitive processes. To counter this, researchers have used mindfulness to reduce negative bias. This study tested the impact of a brief mindfulness exercise in a R&S task, with a 2 (mindfulness vs control) x 2 (CV with age vs CV with no age) between-subjects design. Participants (N=80, xage=32 years old) were randomly assigned to each condition: 50% did the mindfulness exercise first, while the other 50% began with the selection task, having to choose between candidates for a job interview. We expected that in control condition participants would choose the older candidate (who was the ‘best’ fit) when age was not present and the younger candidate when age was present. In mindfulness condition, participants would choose the older candidate, either if age was present in the CV or not. An interaction effect was found (F (1, 79) =15.00, p< .001, η2=.17), showing that Mindfulness counteracted automatic age-bias: in mindfulness condition participants showed preference for the older candidate either when age was present as a cue or not.


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