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Sibling relationships: their importance in therapy and family relationships

26 May 2017 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
This event is free and open to both BPS members and to the general public. Registration is required. See Pricing tab for more information.
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This workshop explores both sides of the sibling experience - as important attachment figures and as the focus of rivalry and conflict.

It will look at research on social and emotional aspects children’s development, and effects on adult life, including cross cultural comparisons.

This is an under-researched area in therapy, however, clients often report how important siblings have been to their development of identity and sense of self.

The experiential element of the workshop will be group work sharing participant’s experience, both in their own life, and examples from client work. Implications for both individual and group work will be examined.

The workshop will be run by Steve Heigham, Lecturer in Counselling at University College Weston, and chair of the Psychotherapy Section.

BPS London Office
30 Tabernacle Street

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