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Webinar: What can we do to prevent and protect ourselves against stress at work: accessing the latest research in psychology

09 March 2017 1:00 pm - 1:40 pm
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Webinar series: Creating productive, happy and healthy workplaces - the evidence from psychology you can’t afford to ignore

We are offering a series of 5 interactive webinars at fortnightly intervals during March – May 2017.

Each webinar will be hosted by an expert psychologist and explore key issues and challenges currently facing businesses and organisations.

The webinars will be designed to be accessible to a diverse audience, including non-psychologists, and will appeal to people with trades backgrounds, management experience, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and psychologists, as well as anyone with an interest in how to promote productive, happy and healthy workplaces.

Each webinar will include a chat box where participants can share experiences and ideas about how evidence from psychology could inform workplace and business practices.  Recordings of the webinar presentations will be made available online. 


At this event Dr. Rachel Lewis will present the most up-to-date research about stress at work and provide key evidence based recommendations for managing stress at work.  These recommendations will also introduce tools and guidance that employers and employees can access to address stress at the individual, managerial and organisational level within their workplaces.

Rachel will also present the Affinity Health Work and Wellbeing Hub (to be launched January 2017).  This free resource aims to provide a bridge between research and practice in the field of workplace health and wellbeing.  It will enable organisations to access the latest ideas and tools in a concise and accessible way, and provide a great resource for those wanting to understand the latest research. It will also provide a forum for organisations to showcase examples of best practice. 

The Hub will also cover a range of topics central to work health and wellbeing in addition to stress such common mental health problems, obesity, and resilience. 

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Dr Rachel LewisC.PSYCHOL, Occupational Psychologist

Dr Rachel Lewis is a Registered Occupational Psychologist, working both as an academic (Associate Professor at Kingston Business School) and a practitioner (Co-Director at Affinity Health at Work).

Rachel is passionate about promoting evidence based practice, in particular in the area of health and wellbeing at work, and does this by taking a rigorous approach that builds and gathers both academic research and practitioner expertise.

Her research and practice have been multi-award winning, and Rachel (along with Emma Donaldson-Feilder) holds both the British Psychological Society and Division of Occupational Psychology Practitioner of the Year awards.




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