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Shining a light on our BPS volunteers

02 June 2020 | by BPS Communications Team

This week is National Volunteers’ Week, and to mark the occasion we will be shining a light on our volunteers and showcasing their hard work and commitment to the field of psychology.

There are lots of different ways you can get involved as a BPS volunteer. Our volunteers help us continue improving the nation’s wellbeing, influencing government policy, maintaining standards and fighting for better mental health.

Dr Liz Simpson is a registered health psychologist (HCPC) and Senior Lecturer at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

She is also a member of the School of Psychology Research Institute, former Chair of the Health, Education and Wellbeing RRG (2012-2018), and a BPS chartered psychologist.

As a BPS volunteer she has taken on the role of Chair of the Division of Health Psychology Training Committee and has been a member of the BPS Partnership and Accreditation Committee for a number of years.

As Chair of the Division of Health Psychology Training Committee, Liz and her fellow committee members oversee the BPS standards for accreditation of programmes across all different levels of health psychology.

These standards are the benchmarks by which all programmes are assessed to attain BPS accreditation.

Liz finds her role as Chair very rewarding:

“It’s great working alongside my colleagues on the committee to support and influence psychologists of the future and it gives you plenty of networking opportunities.

It puts you right at the forefront of training and standards development and innovative practices.”

The Division of Health Psychology Training Committee is just one of 11 BPS Training and Education Committees, each comprising between 10-25 members. Overall, the committees encompass around 172 volunteers.

Each committee meets on a regular basis and works together to undertake paper-based reviews for both new and existing programmes, conduct accreditation visits with providers and work in partnership to oversee and maintain BPS accreditation standards.

Our training committee volunteers also identify gaps in the training needs of students and new trainees, and help develop new programmes to meet these needs.

If you would like to play a significant role in shaping the future of our training standards for psychologists, you can apply to join one of our training committees.

Please email Lauren Ison for further information at [email protected]


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