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The importance of the Experts’ Meeting cannot be overstated. Cases can potentially be won or lost because of the performance of the expert at these meetings.

This webinar will provide a clear understanding of what is expected of the expert at an experts’ meeting as well as guidance on providing the court with statements of agreement and disagreement.

This is one of four expert witness 90 minute webinars. The other three webinars are on:

  • 07 September
  • 14 September
  • 28 September

These 90 minute webinars provide an overview of essential knowledge when acting or planning to act as an expert witness as well as an overview of the face-to-face expert witness training workshops 1-3 of the workshop series of four.

If you are under pressure to learn and prepare for a court hearing for example and/or are happy with an overview of the main points, these webinars will be a useful option for you.

    How to register

    Please note: online bookings will close at midday on the day before.

    To register for the workshop and pay by card you will need to sign into your BPS user account or create a new account.

    Learning outcomes

    1. Understand the importance of the meeting of experts

    2. Know the traps to avoid

    3. Know how to write a joint expert report for court.

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