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Holistic Approaches to Psychological Wellbeing

02 March 2017 - 03 March 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
This event is free and open to members of the DCP Holistic Faculty only,. Registration is required. See Pricing tab for more information.
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Psychological health and wellbeing is supported by much more than helpful patterns of belief and thinking.

In recent years holistic approaches have grown in evidence base but are perhaps still not sufficiently common-place. 

This Conference will provide an opportunity for Psychological Practitioners and those using services to consider broader influences on wellbeing and what this means for best practice. Many ideas once at the fringes are now becoming part of mainstream practice.

The Conference seeks to continue the tradition of encouraging a broadening of thought to the benefit of service-users and wider society. It also offers Psychological Practitioners a place to feel acknowledged and supported in their efforts to shape the future of services.

You are very welcome to register for either or both days.

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Wesley’s Chapel Leysian Mission
49 City Rd

Event Location: 

Day 1 - Thursday 2 March: The diverse use of Mindfulness in Applied Psychology: Presentations from the authors of the forthcoming DCP Professional Practice Guidelines

Day 1 provides presentations on a range of applications of Mindfulness based approaches which have a strong and growing body of evidence for their use. Increasingly they are part of what Clinical Psychologists and health-services offer.

Mindfulness derives from Eastern traditions that view health, well-being and spirituality in holistic terms.

The Holistic Faculty of the DCP is completing professional guidelines regarding the application of Mindfulness for a range of service users and staff. The guidance will be launched in the near future and the conference includes presentations from some of those who contributed to development of the guidance.

Presentations are planned from:

Dr Shani Ram Du Sautoy (Holism and Mindfulness),

Dr Tamara Russell (Mindfulness and people who experience Psychosis),

Dr Melanie Chapman (People with intellectual disabilities and mindfulness) and

Dr Lana Jackson (Children and Adolescents and Mindfulness).

Day 2 - Friday 3rd March: Nutrition and psychological well-being (AM), Yoga and psychological well-being (PM)

Day 2 of this event explores broader influences on wellbeing and what this means for best-practice. This day will incorporate workshops which further develop the presentations given in March, by Galen Ives and Heather Mason.


Galen Ives
Galen will consider the relationship between the food we eat and mood. Besides being a practising Clinical Psychologist, Galen has qualifications in pharmacology and human physiology. For much of his clinical career he has been interested in the relationship between nutrition and mental states and in 1986 he opened the first NHS clinic specifically to diagnose and treat psychological problems with a nutritional basis. He now teaches this subject by invitation at European universities.

Heather Mason
Heather is the Founder of  the ‘Minded Institute’.An organisation develops innovative methods for mental health treatment drawing on her robust educational background including an MA in Psychotherapy, an MA in Buddhist Studies, an MSC in Medical Physiology and extensive academic training is neuroscience. The institute also trains yoga teachers, therapists and those in the psychological professions how to use yoga in emotional healing. Heather is also a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist and an MBCT facilitator. She occasionally involved in research on the efficacy of yoga and the mechanisms that underpins. Previously, Heather lectured on the neural correlates of PTSD for the Boston Trauma Centre Yoga Training and created a medical school course called Embodied Health for the Boston University School of Medicine and the Mind-Body Science elective at the USA's first MSc in yoga therapy. 


Who can attend?

This event is free and open to members of the DCP Faculty for Holistic Psychology only.

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