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Holistic Faculty Conference

20 October 2017 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
This event is free and is open to current DCP Faculty for Holistic Psychology members only. Registration is required. Please see the Pricing tab for more information.
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Improving Psychological Resiliency and Emotion Regulation through Effective Breathing: A Psychological and Neurological perspective - A workshop by Heather Mason followed by Holistic Faculty Annual General Meeting (AGM)

There is a profound relationship between breath and mood mediated by the autonomic nervous system.    Breathing can lift mood or induce calm. Likewise, emotional states provoke shifts in breathing patterns.  Furthermore, the brain is primed to detect any shifts in breath rhythms as oxygen is vital to life on a moment by moment basis.   Accordingly, we can use knowledge of respiratory physiology to transform our own mood and support our clients in doing the same.  There is a large corpus of research dating back to the 1960, which reveals that breathing influences, vagal activity and tone, thereby effecting emotional and physical well-being. Recent research also finds that certain modes of breathing can lead to positive neurochemical and neuroplastic changes in the brain.

In this one day workshop targeted to mental health professionals we will explore the science of breath as it pertains to mental health covering the following:

  1. The physiology of breath and its influence on the nervous system
  2. Research expressing the psychological and physiological mechanisms by which breath can impact well-being
  3. How breathing practices can be used to also enhance physical health in professionals and clients, supporting greater well-being in the mind and the body.
  4. Specific breathing practices that mental health professionals can use to enhance their own well-being
  5. How to teach certain breathing practices to clients to support them in regulating their mood both in therapeutic sessions and in their daily lives and while enhancing safety in the therapeutic alliance, thus allowing for deeper interpersonal work.

Wesleyan Chapel London
49 City Rd,

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Who can attend?

This is a free event for members of Division of Clinical Psychology, Faculty for Holistic Psychology members only.

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