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Male Psychology 2021 - Men's Mental Health and Wellbeing

22 October 2021 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
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Welcome to the Male Psychology Section Virtual Conference 2021 

Men's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Male psychology is a new field, having become an official part of the BPS in 2018. Male psychology focuses on the thoughts, emotions and behaviour of men and boys.

The 2021 conference focuses on the health and wellbeing of men and boys in various aspects of their lives. These aspects include:

  • Childhood: development, education, parental alienation
  • Adolescence: education, criminality, ‘failure to launch’
  • Workplace: work stress, unemployment, working in military
  • Relationships: family breakdown, domestic violence, coercive control, successful relationships
  • Therapy for men: talking therapy, benefits of other activities e.g. sport & exercise
  • General male psychology: sex differences, evolutionary psychology
  • Masculinity and mental health

The conference brings together information that we hope will help to improve the lives of men and boys, especially in regards to issues which disproportionately affect them, such as suicide, homelessness, addiction, imprisonment and educational underachievement.

It is hoped it will raise awareness amongst psychologists of these important issues, not only because the inclusion of men in the science of psychology helps to expand our understanding of the full diversity of the human condition, but it also has the potential to enrich the development of more tailored and appropriate psychological interventions for male service users, ultimately to the benefit of all in society.


Submission extended deadline was 10.00 Monday 28 June 2021

Speakers - 

Martin Seagar
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Martin Seager is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. He is a lecturer, author, campaigner, broadcaster and activist. He worked in the NHS for 30 years, becoming head of psychological services in two mental health Trusts.

He has advised government and has regularly broadcast with the BBC on mental health issues. He is the original proponent of the Male Psychology Section of the BPS and co-founder of its forerunner the Male Psychology Network, which ran an annual conference at University College London from 2014-19.

He was branch consultant to the Central London Samaritans for over 10 years and has also been anadviser to the College of Medicine and the Royal Foundation.

He is also co-editor and contributor to very successful Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology and Mental Health.

Dr. Emily Douglas
Professor & Chair,
Montclair State University New Jersey

Dr. Emily Douglas is a full professor and chair of the Department of Social Work & Child Advocacy at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA.

Her research focuses on the program and policy implications of issues that address child and family well-being, largely in the areas of family violence: fatal child maltreatment, male victims of partner violence and help-seeking, children’s exposure to partner violence, corporal punishment, family disruption, and the connection between research and policy.

Dr. Douglas is the author of 60+ peer-reviewed publications, 4 books, and she presents annually at domestic and international conferences. Dr. Douglas has spoken at U.S. State Houses in Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and provided invited testimony before a U.S. Congressionally-created committee focused on children’s deaths. In 2016-2017 she was a Congressional fellow in Washington, D.C., dually sponsored by the Society for Research in Child Development and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology; during this time, she held a position in the U.S. Senate where she was the lead author on an investigation concerning for-profit foster care.

Dr. Denise Hines
Research Associate Professor,
Clark University

Dr. Denise Hines, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work, College of Health and Human Services at George Mason University.  Dr. Hines’ expertise includes the causes, consequences, and prevention of family violence and sexual assault, with a particular focus on male victims of partner violence, a topic for which she is internationally recognized.  Dr. Hines’ work on male victims of partner violence has been supported by grants from the United States' National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, while her interpersonal violence prevention work has been supported by grants from the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education. 

Dr. Hines is the author of over 70 peer-reviewed articles and two books on issues of family violence, one of which – Family Violence in the United States – was recently released in its third edition.  She was the 2013 Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Central Lancashire in England, where the focus of her scholarship was on male victimization.  She has spoken about her work in front of various audiences, including scholarly audiences, state coalitions against domestic violence, the Massachusetts State legislature, the White House domestic policy staff, staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Canadian Parliament. She and two of her colleagues are currently under contract with Routledge as editors of the upcoming book, "Handbook of Men’s Victimisation in Intimate Relationships."

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