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Professor of Social Psychology
University of Massachusetts

'Using Intergroup Research in the Pursuit of Racial Justice: Contemplating Our Past and Envisioning Our Future'

Linda R. Tropp is Professor of Social Psychology in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Faculty Associate in the School of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA).

For more than two decades she has studied how members of different groups experience contact with each other, and how group differences in status affect cross-group relations.

Her work seeks to foster the dual goals of promoting positive relations between groups while achieving ever-greater levels of intergroup equality and justice. She has worked with national organizations on initiatives to promote racial integration and equity in the U.S., and with nongovernmental organizations to evaluate interventions designed to bridge group differences in divided societies around the globe.

A Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Tropp has received distinguished research and teaching awards from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues and the International Society of Political Psychology.

Dr. Tropp is coauthor of When Groups Meet: The Dynamics of Intergroup Contact (2011) and editor of several books, including Moving Beyond Prejudice Reduction: Pathways to Positive Intergroup Relations (2011), the Oxford Handbook of Intergroup Conflict (2012), and Making Research Matter: A Psychologist’s Guide to Public Engagement (2018).

Social Psychologist
Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr. Keon West is a Social Psychologist who specialises in prejudice and intergroup relations. Born in Trinidad, raised in Jamaica and educated at Macalester (MN, USA), the Sorbonne (Paris, France) and Oxford (Oxford, UK) under a Rhodes Scholarship, he now works as a Reader (Associate Professor) at Goldsmiths, University of London.

He is also the director of Equalab, the president of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social issues (one of only 2 British presidents since 1936), and the principal investigator on a European Research Council grant (€750,000), investigating lay beliefs about sexual orientation.

He’s appeared many times on radio and television as a scientific expert including on Channel 4’s “Is Dating Racist” and “Naked Beach”, and on the BBC’s “I Can’t Be Racist” and “Across Jamaica’s Gay Divide.” 

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