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Research and Impact

About BPS Impact

27 November 2017

Achieving impact has become an integral component of research funding and assessment, and the government has placed increasing emphasis on the need for evidence of economic and social returns from its investments.

As the Society wishes to actively support researchers, it established the Portal through which high quality research could be showcased that has potential social, economic and cultural benefits.

Demonstrating the significant influence that high quality psychological research has (or could make) to society or the economy is not only important for those individuals, organisations and nations that would benefit, but also for those involved in the development of policy, service provision, legislation or behaviour change. 

The portal:

  • Serves as a repository for completed research which has the potential to be impactful (defined as all kinds of social, economic and cultural benefits and impacts beyond academia).

  • This will be a keyword searchable database format; with submissions made by researchers via an on-line system. 

  • Showcases specific psychological science highlighting particular pieces of research that have potential social, economic and cultural benefits – so as to increase awareness and the impactfulness of the research; as well as research that has already had these benefits. 

  • Submissions can be updated as they accrue impact, providing an on-going commentary on the work,  comprising in-depth case studies, with links to the published work, relevant resources etc. 

  • Be a resource from which snapshots can be taken at any given time to produce evidence-based materials (handouts; booklets etc) to showcase the very best of the contributions of psychological science to specific audiences (Research Councils, Higher Education Funding Councils, Select Committees, taskforces, BIT, the Science Capability Team etc).

Through the Society’s contacts with Government Departments, high quality research logged on the site will directly inform policymakers and advisors and, therefore, increase its impact. Recent meetings with Government Departments have highlighted the importance of providing high quality input in an accessible form, and more importantly, the willingness of those Departments to receive such input.

Only the very highest quality research will be published. Submissions are peer reviewed to determine their inclusion in the web portal. 

The members of the Peer Review Panel are: Professor Daryl O’Connor (Chair, Research Board), Professor Richard Crisp, Professor David Donaldson, Dr Peter Branney and Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard.

If you have any queries regarding BPS Impact, its content, about making a submission or require any assistance in identifying impactful research in an area not currently covered by the entries, please contact Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard.


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