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Back to school wellbeing support for children in Scotland

12 August 2020

With children in Scotland returning to school this week, we've created a package of expert psychological advice and resources to help parents, carers, teachers and professionals support children and young people as they go back into the classroom.

Created by educational psychologists from the BPS’ division of child and educational psychology, the resources are packed with practical advice and tips to help children adjust to being at school during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The resources include:

The BPS’ Scottish Division of Educational Psychology has also created new guidance to help teachers and professionals to reconnect school communities in a way that takes account of the needs of all individuals.

Melernie Meheux, educational psychologist and joint chair-elect of the BPS division of educational and child psychology, said:

“With Scotland’s schools likely to be looking different for children as they return, it’s really important they are given the opportunity to process their feelings and understand their new environment.”


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