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BPS calls for child wellbeing to be at the heart of politics

11 November 2019

The social contract between young people and adults appears increasingly broken, says an open letter to the leaders of Britain’s political parties from the British Psychological Society and 59 other organisations.

The letter calls on parties to put children’s wellbeing at the heart of policy development and spending decisions.

It says the wellbeing of Britain’s children has been in decline since 2009, as shown by the Children’s Society’s annual good childhood report.

They are significantly less happy and more stressed than children in most other OECD countries.

The letter, signed for the BPS by chief executive Sarb Bajwa, also calls on the party leaders to commit to an annual measurement of children’s wellbeing in schools to provide the data and insight needed to put things right.

It says:

"Unhappy children are likely to become unhappy adults, with dire consequences for our nation.

If we are to ensure the wellbeing of all our citizens we need to start taking children’s wellbeing seriously – in our schools, social work, youth services and in our NHS."


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