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Chartered BPS member begins work as chief fire officer

03 September 2019

Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton has begun work in her new role as chief fire officer with West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

She is a chartered psychologist and her research into critical decision making has received international recognition.

Dr Cohen-Hatton has nearly two decades of fire service experience since beginning work as a firefighter and has pursued further and higher education throughout her career.

She says:

“Psychology as a discipline is really important to me, as it helps you to see the human element of everything you do, whether that’s the decisions you make or the strategies you set. It is so important to think about the impact of what we do on the people who rely on us.

As a fire and rescue service we are in an incredibly privileged position to be trusted by residents to know what to do when they’re, quite frankly, having the worst day of their lives.

Understanding the psychology behind that means we can all make a contribution to doing our best to help them when they need us most.”


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