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Chartered Psychologist gets communities talking

02 August 2017

Dr Charlie Howard, a clinical psychologist, has begun experimenting with ‘problem solving booths’, designed to help build community resilience and improve people’s capacity to better support each other’s mental health.

Dr Howard’s experiment was recently featured on BBC World Hacks.  The booths have one chair for the ‘helper’ and another for the ‘helped’.  People are encouraged to swap roles regularly to share their experiences.  There is also a board where people can leave their ideas on how communities can help with the ‘stresses in their heads’.

Dr Howard said:

"It's been an honour and privilege to work with so many partners to make problem solving Booths happen. Coming together with community members, institutions and organisations big and small has been just as exciting and interesting as running the booths themselves. In fact, it's been key to the whole thing. Amazing things can happen when we innovate well across partners and we need to do it better and more often."

To support the booths a new social enterprise, Owls, founded by Dr Howard looks at ways to find creative solutions to mental health in partnership with organisations and members of the public.

Owls works in partnership with Camerados, Thrive LDN, Shared Intelligence and Camden Council amongst others.



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