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Children share experiences of lockdown and offer their tips for coping

03 September 2020

As children return to school, in a new video from the BPS, children have reflected on their experiences of lockdown, including shielding, and the impact it’s had on their lives.

The children and BPS psychologists also offer advice for coping with lockdown and shielding for those who are struggling, which includes, taking up sport, playing games, keeping busy with baking and speaking to family and friends.

Melernie Meheux, educational psychologist and joint chair-elect of the BPS division of educational and child psychology, said:

“We know that lockdown has been particularly difficult for children and young people, and especially those who have been shielding, with the loss of so much of their normal routines.

It’s really important that we hear from them and share their experiences, so we can ensure they get the support they need.”

Nine-year-old Sienna, who features in the video says:

“I’ve missed seeing my friends and going to school.

One good thing about lockdown has been spending quality time with my family, although sometimes it is a bit annoying when my sibling is there every day!”

As well as children, the video also features young people who shared their experiences of lockdown and the adjustments they’ve made.

For example, 17-year-old Elyza explains how she struggled to adapt to online learning having not experienced it before, and has spent time in lockdown learning new hobbies and working on her own mental health.

The video also explores what children and young people think adults need to know about what shielding, or being in a shielding family, is like for them. Seven year-old Luca says adults should always be patient with children.

Edrina, 21, says:

“I’d say to any children or young people who are struggling during lockdown to talk to someone and share their concerns.

Young people have less freedom than adults already and lockdown has now taken that away, so adults need to be understanding.”


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