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Covid-19 Research Priorities for Psychological Science

20 July 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic represents the greatest international health emergency the world has faced for over a century and psychological science has an integral role to offer in helping societies recover.

In April 2020, a core group of experts led by Professor Daryl O’Connor and Professor Chris Armitage were brought together to prepare a paper outlining research priorities for psychological science for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Given the timescales needed to establish the priorities, a lengthy consultation with the psychological science community was not possible, so a brief online survey of psychological scientists was launched in early May with the aim of ensuring that key research priorities were not missed and to receive feedback on the priorities developed.

The survey had two components:

First participants were asked the open-ended question, ‘Please can you tell us what are your priorities for psychological science research in response to the Covid-19 pandemic?’.

Second, participants were asked to rank in order the research priorities identified by the core group – 539 responses were received to the survey.

This paper provides a summary of the in-depth qualitative analysis of the 469 open-ended responses received. This was conducted following the submission of the O’Connor et al. article and is intended to sit alongside the article to highlight the research priorities identified by the broader psychological science community.


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