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Practice tips and considerations for psychological practitioners facilitating digital group interventions

05 July 2021

These top tips intend to support practitioners specifically with the required practical and digital adaptations to deliver group interventions.

These guidelines have been developed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital group interventions may address some of the ongoing challenges in delivering group work in the current online world (when government recommendations of social distancing and mask wearing are in place).

However we have written these guidelines to continue to be applicable and relevant for post Covid-19 ways of working.

Group interventions can take a number of forms including long term therapeutic groups, psychoeducational groups, one off workshops and drop in spaces, all of which will impact upon their structure, delivery and number of participants.

Therefore, this document focuses on practical matters and does not address clinical considerations in depth.

We aim to supplement rather than replace the clinical knowledge of face-to-face group facilitation, and so please consider this ‘practice tips’ document alongside your own service guidelines and processes.


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