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A gold mine of information on crime, policing and life in London

20 December 2017

Dr Paul Dawson, research manager in Evidence and Insight – the research unit at the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, London – will be the speaker at the 16 January 2018 meeting of our London and Home Counties Branch.

Paul will explain the wide range of large data sets, routinely collected by the Metropolitan Police, to which he has access. The data represent a gold mine of information and provide a great opportunity for researchers in social science and public policy and beyond.

Much of this data is in the public domain and covers not just the incidence of types of crime cut by numerous demographic factors, but also evaluations of crime and policing initiatives, public attitude surveys and visualisations. Paul will also describe some of his research projects on, for example, stop and search, mental health and the police.

This is an opportunity to make contact with Paul and potentially start a collaboration which may be beneficial to both your research and the Metropolitan Police.

Dr Paul Dawson is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is He has previously worked within the NHS, Home Office and the Metropolitan Police Service.

This meeting is open to all members of our London and Home Counties Branch. It will be of most interest to people working in policy and research who are interested in crime, policing and social science generally.

If you want to hear Paul’s talk, please register for this meeting online.


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