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Government consultation: 10-Year Mental Health Plan

28 April 2022

The Department for Health and Social Care has issued a call for evidence to inform a new 10-year mental health plan.

Read more about the call for evidence.

The plan is intended to build on the NHS Long Term Plan and forms part of the government’s wider commitments to work towards putting mental health on an equal footing with physical health, and will form a key part of its commitments to address health disparities across the country.

We will be submitting a BPS response to this consultation.

Please note, that we will be drafting the response from submissions from members and member networks across the society, so do answer only those points relevant to your area of expertise.

We will undertake the drafting of the document to ensure it has a consistent tone and language.

Key points and evidence you have are the most important contributions – you do not need to draft full responses to each section.

You can submit evidence either in a word document, making it clear which points you are answering, or in the body of an email, to [email protected]

Please feel free to share the consultation details with any members or groups who you feel will be able to contribute.

The discussion paper is asking for contributions on:

  • how can we all promote positive mental wellbeing? (chapter 1)
  • how can we all prevent the onset of mental ill-health? (chapter 2)
  • how can we all intervene earlier when people need support with their mental health? (chapter 3)
  • how can we improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment for mental health conditions? (chapter 4)
  • how can we all support people living with mental health conditions to live well? (chapter 5)
  • how can we all improve support for people in crisis? (chapter 6)

It considers different groups of people, including: a) Children and young people, b) Working age adults, c) Older adults and d) People that are at greater risk of suicide.

If you have any questions, or require any further information, please get in touch with [email protected]

This is a significant consultation for the BPS and we really appreciate in advance any support you can give to enable the view of psychology to be properly taken in to account in the government’s thinking and strategy going forward.

The deadline for contributions, along with accompanying evidence, is the end of the day on Friday 17 June.


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