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Internal Consultation: Code of Human Research Ethics

03 October 2020

This edition of the British Psychological Society Code of Human Research Ethics has been substantially revised and updated from the 2014 edition. Although the changes reflect developments in the field of research ethics, the basic principles remain unchanged.

This new version is intended, as were previous editions, to help psychology researchers to engage actively in identifying, analysing and addressing the range of ethics issues that are pertinent for their particular projects.

While many issues are perennial, this code seeks to identify these and provide guidance in how to satisfactorily manage them, as new research topics and methods are constantly generating new ethics challenges.

This code also seeks to engender a mode of thinking that will enable researchers to competently and confidently approach carrying out their investigations in ethically sound ways.

In addition, this code sets out the society’s expectations for how ethics review is best conducted so that participants can be assured that any research they are asked to take part in has been properly scrutinised.


To facilitate cross- society collaboration and expert input, an internal consultation has been launched to encourage members of Member Networks to comment on/contribute to draft documentation prior to its publication. 

This is an informal arrangement to support Member Networks in consulting with other Member Networks. 

Getting involved

If you are interested in commenting on this send your comments, using the response form below, to [email protected]

The deadline for responses is Friday 30 October 2020.


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