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NICE consultation: Looked-after children and young people

07 May 2021

As of 31 March 2020, there are 80,080 looked-after children and young people in England.

The most common reason for becoming looked after was abuse or neglect (65%).

The majority of looked-after children are cared for in foster placements (72%), with 14% in connected care, and 13% in residential care, secure units, or semi-independent living accommodation.

In addition to these, 7% of looked-after children still live with birth parents.

This guideline covers how organisations, professionals and carers can work together to deliver high quality care, stable placements and nurturing relationships for looked-after children and young people. It aims to help these children and young people reach their full potential and enjoy the same opportunities in life as their peers.

Getting Involved

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The deadline for commenting is the end of play on Friday 04 June.

Please note:

  • The society will only produce ONE response to any consultation.
  • Any response that goes under the society logo MUST be signed off by the relevant Board Chair and Branch Chair in the case of Devolved Nations.
  • Responses on behalf of particular Divisions / Faculties / Member Networks are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Please do refer to the British Psychological Society Consultation Processes document which is attached before writing and sending any comments
  • Please ensure that all comments are based on Published Evidence and not solely on clinical opinion


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