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Our new member conduct rules are live

27 January 2022

We've introduced new Member Conduct Rules.

These new rules, and associated procedures, are much more clear and understandable, thanks to the efforts of all those members who have contributed in different ways during their development.

You can take a look at the new rules on our website. In brief, here’s what the update means:

  • more clarity on what is, and what isn’t considered under the Member Conduct Rules
  • better transparency on the process that is followed in response to receiving a concern
  • improved detail on who is making decisions within the process and on what basis
  • guidance on what sanctions are considered appropriate for breaches of the rules
  • new information on governance and oversight of the rules and their implementation

An important new feature is the Standing Panel of members, and some external specialists, from whom all of our member conduct panels will be drawn. We are hoping to recruit members from across all grades, domains and regions and the Member Board will be in touch with a formal call for expressions of interest.

If you want more information, please get in touch with the team using [email protected].


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