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Poverty campaign extended through 2021

25 June 2020

In order to respond to our members’ desire to make an impact on policy during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to pause the BPS Senate policy-setting process for next year.

Instead of engaging members in choosing a new campaign through Senate in the autumn, the ‘From poverty to flourishing’ campaign will be extended to cover the whole of 2021 as well as this year.

This extension will enable us to make a greater impact on poverty policy and to make links from this through to our Coronavirus work.

The aims of our Senate programme will be brought together with the objectives of our Covid-19 workstreams as we enter the recovery phase of the pandemic.

We are still keen to engage our members in policymaking and will be drawing on your expertise and evidence throughout the year to help us shape the policy and campaign work.  


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