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Psych-Talk October 2022 Competition

17 June 2022

Psych-Talk is excited to announce our annual competition.

For 2022 we thought it would be fitting, as it’s the October issue, for the theme to be around the subject of ‘fear’.

This is a topic that can cover a wide variety of areas such as our fear response, phobias and overcoming our fears albeit there is a plethora of aspects where fear can reside and are ripe for further exploration.

We welcome any topic that’s related to the psychology of fear.

The submissions will be reviewed and voted by our Psych-Talk team.

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st place: £125
  • 2nd place: £75
  • 3rd place: £50

Please be advised that the above prizes are the equivalent for Amazon or High Street vouchers.

We look forward to reading your submissions.

Good Luck!

Important information:

Deadline: 06 August 2022

Submission email: [email protected]

Read the style guide for submissions.


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